Vague de spam...

Est-ce moi ou bien y a-t-il une recrudescence du spam... ou bien est-ce le moteur d'anti-spam de Gmail qui n'est plus à la hauteur...? Dans tous les cas voici le genre de spam que je reçois depuis quelque temps... Il vous noie le moteur anti-spam avec un charabia qui semble normal à une machine mais qui ne signifie absolument rien pour un être humain... J'ai beau les signaler à Google régulièrement... Rien ne change... J'en ai déjà éliminé une partie grace à une série de filtres, mais c'est un peu une rustine... M'enfin, je me demande ce que les spammeurs veulent faire passer avec ce genre de truc:

When companies falter or are under-valued they quickly get scooped off of the public markets. So what happens when you extrapolate an estimate based on two measurements of differing certainty?
Clients include AOL, eBay, MySpace, plus virtually every major interactive agency in the US. OK, then, on to Excel. I disabled trackbacks on my site because of spam. Asa Julian showed up a week and a half early this Saturday afternoon.
And I was trying to read the article about it over her shoulder, while she open and closed windows, checked her email, and otherwise made it hard for me to read anything on her screen. I'm arguing that the most attractive equity returns are being systematically removed from the pubilc markets. Public companies are being taken private to avoid costs and to take better risks with their capital beyond what Wall Street's quarterly thinking allows.
It just gives an answer. How many cells are there in the total sample?
It just gives an answer.
Efficient markets, perfect information, etc. Not much room for new sites in that flow.
Instead, the borrower signed a contract guaranteeing the payment of a certain percentage of their post-graduation income. Not sure how I'm going to deal for a week until the replacement arrives.
If they need to find something, they Google it. How many cells are there in the total sample? But, a SWEAR BEAR that says EAT SHIT and. And the nursing staff at Beth Israel hospital is soooo nice.

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